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Everyone should eat sardines for lunch

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My current favorites:


20210217_114822 (1).jpg

20210217_114831 (1).jpg

20210217_114948 (1).jpg

20210217_115020 (1).jpg

of all the cans i’ve tried over the last year they’re still by far my favorite. i wish i had the words for it. there’s just a really deep, full flavor to them that just kills me every time. and there’s actually a decent amount of heat to them from the chilis. they’re like $5 a can but worth every cent imo. highly recommend if you can find them. i get them from a local gourmet italian grocery store or nugget markets have them too if you’re in the bay area.

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not bad. very mild, but good meaty texture/chew and filling.







excellent can, would definitely get again. subtle heat. meat was firm and maybe just a hair dryer than i prefer, but really flavorful.





these were really good flavor. slightly mushy (couldn’t get a whole one out of the can without it breaking apart), but not offensively so. would buy again for sure, i think they were under $3 and definitely worth that.




‘dines on the beach

Didn’t care for them & won’t buy again. I used to love King Oscars but I just don’t know anymore. They just don’t strike me as that great. Feels like the flavors are kind of muted/boring/hollow. Maybe I’ve ruined it by dining on too many other higher quality dines.




been a while since I’ve had Belas. they’re respectable, especially for $3.50 a can. not the most flavorful dine i’ve had, but no off flavors and really nice texture & size. had a few bites on wasa cracker with mashed avacado & hot sauce, but mostly just ate em out of the can. also bought some yuzu sauce which i’ve never had before but didn’t really like it that much. straight tobasco is the best for dines imo.



they look revolting but were actually pretty tasty, especially after adding some soy sauce. really filling.

20210127_132547 (1).jpg

20210127_132636 (1).jpg

20210127_132730 (1).jpg

20210127_132803 (1).jpg

I totally didn’t realize they’re from the same company that makes Nuris (planning a trip to world market to get some). I thought they were excellent would def buy again. Agree with almost too salty.

I got them from this filipino grocery by me called seafood city. I went because in that giant SA forum thread about sardines someone went to the same place a couple years ago and there was a WALL of sardines (they posted a pic). but sadly it wasn’t anything close to that now, it was almost pathetic, but they had these.

there’s some good sardine lore in this article: https://opinion.inquirer.net/133085/the-hunt-for-mabuti-sardines

apparently they were originally made for pre-war phillipine market and mabuti means “good” in FIlipino.





had these bad boys yesterday, so freaking good. probably in my top 3. really great flavor even though it’s vegetable oil. just a little smokey, nice chew. didn’t even use any sauces with them. highly recommend if you come across them. I almost passed because the packaging is so bland.

20210130_125430 (1) (1).jpg

20210130_125444 (1) (1).jpg

20210130_125454 (1) (1).jpg

20210130_125510 (1).jpg

20210130_125558 (1) (1).jpg

20210130_130110 (1) (1).jpg

flavor wise they’re pretty good, but like EMC says texture isn’t good. kinda mushy and almost chalky. definitely not worth the $12 they cost.

20210131_171328 (1).jpg

20210131_171341 (1).jpg

20210131_171351 (1).jpg

20210131_171501 (1).jpg

20210131_171554 (1).jpg

bought these on a whim at the grocery today, had never heard of or seen these before. big bois. not the best presentation, kind beat up, but surprisingly tasty. very mild so i added a little tobasco to brighten them up a little but would definitely get again. i think they cost like 3.79

20210203_124410 (1).jpg

20210203_124432 (1).jpg

20210203_124444 (1).jpg

20210203_124549 (1).jpg

20210203_124635 (1).jpg

Finally had my Nuri Spiced Mackerel. They were magnificent. Simultaneously firm but not at all dry or mealy. Incredible flavor. Will definitely have to load up on these.

20210205_174756 (1).jpg

20210205_174848 (1).jpg

20210205_175747 (1).jpg

20210205_175853 (1).jpg

20210205_180038 (1).jpg

randomly picked these up from the same filipino grocery i got the nuri mackerel from. they were fairly cheap and from the packaging didn’t have high expectation but were solid dines. there wasn’t really and pickle flavor but there was a single pickle slice under them so i guess that;s where that came from. overall solid dine

20210207_161301 (1).jpg

went to World Market and cleaned them out lol

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20210207_161354 (1).jpg

20210207_161421 (1).jpg

20210207_161408 (1).jpg

20210207_161513 (1).jpg

20210207_162113 (1).jpg

20210207_161548 (1).jpg

20210207_161558 (1).jpg

i hope he likes the nuri mackerels as much as i liked them. these nuris are fantastic but i actually think i liked the mackerel version a little bit better?? i’m not sure maybe i’ll do a side-by-side comparison one of these days. i think i just enjoyed the firmer texture and the mackerel coloring is so pretty. anyway these made for a great lunch.

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very good sardines, but not $10/can good






had high hopes for these little french suckers but they were not good. fishy tasty.


I have only ever had Brunswick. I never knew how much I was missing out.

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